26 December 2009

Best Photos 2009

22 December 2009

Strange canned food, you will be stunned!

They take a bird's nest in china and they make a drink out of it????? They say it is god for your health :)

Canned whole chicken??? Why? just explain to me please, why? Why? why?

Roasted crickets with eggs, I think I will puke…………..

Thai green curry with Corcodile?!

Duck Fat mmmm.... no comment!

A canned collection of Fish mouth still with it's teeth?!! Please tell me why the hell would you buy that, let alone eat it?!!!

Haggis, Scottish delight :) a Scottish dish made from offal mixed with suet, oats, onions, and seasonings, which is packed into a round sausage skin and usually boiled. Haggis is traditionally cooked in a cleaned sheep's stomach. Really sounds...

Canned Cheese Burger!!! You have seen this one before right???!!!

Pigs Brain with milk gravy?! Cholesterol 3500mg 1170% excellent for my diet?!!!!!!

Ratlesnake ready to eat, posion free?!!!

Some roasted scorpions, no poison. let's nibble :)

Canned worms mmmm yum yum :(

Canned tongues if you wanna be a poet :)

16 December 2009

Save the fruit!

No comment....

03 December 2009

Jeddah floods 2009

On 25 November 2009 the Saudi city of Jeddah was afflicted by heavy rains that lasted only a few hours but caused massive flooding and the deaths of more than 500 people. To lessen the embarrassment, official reports shrank the number of flood-related deaths to just over 100.

Hundreds of bodies were swept in the current and up to 11,000 people may be missing in the sea, according to a report two days ago by the Saudi newspaper al-Yaum. This figure may be inflated but the number of the missing and dead surely ranks in the hundreds, and could turn out to exceed a thousand. For comparison, hurricane Katrina in the US killed about 1,800 people. (The Guardian 3 December ’09)

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