22 September 2010

Disabled Couples Proves...There is Hope for the Rest of Us

This disabled couple proves that there is hope for the rest of us. He has no arms and she has no legs but what they are able to accomplish is remarkable. She takes care of him good and he’s able to do almost everything with his feet. Moreover, in their everyday life they do all the housework without any help from the others. They are an amazing couple.


Anonymous said...

You are right. All I feel is infinite respect and admiration for such peole who despite their REAL problems are able to overcome the difficulties keeping human dignity and shine of faces. She is beautiful!

My problems look miserable.

Anonymous said...

I ma really proud of the fact that we handicap can also overcome our difficulties. Looking at both of you gives me immense respect for you. I am also a handicap in love with a handicap. We are facing strong opposition from our family. Hope we unite too like you both.