08 September 2005


I just learned today that New Orleans sits below sea level, the big debate in the USA now is why spend billions of dollars to rebuild a city that sits below sea level? Knowing that Hurricane Katrina generated a storm surge - with water levels higher than a two-story building and storm waves cresting more than 50 feet above sea level.

An American friend of mine sent me an email saying: “always wondered why anyone would build a large city below sea level. I think it will be interesting to see if they rebuild it there and if so under what circumstances...They need to bring in a lot of fill dirt to get the city 15 feet or so higher than it is right now. Maybe if they brought in 40 feet of dirt everyone could have a basement!!” LOL!!! He is always been sarcastically funny :)
You know what is amazing about this Katrina Hurricane? Some unbelievable things are happening. Today I was listening to BBC Radio driving to work I was really surprised. Of course I should be surprised, I have every right to do so. Listen to what they said; Allot of countries are donating money and aid to the USA such as: Afghanistan 100K $, Sri Lanka 25K $ (Can they feed their own people??!!!). Other countries like India 5 Million $, Thailand, ANGOLA, DJIBOUTI!!!! (Angola & Djibouti? But they are bloody poor?!) On the other hand the United Arab Emirates donated 100 Million $, and Kuwait 500 Million $??!!!! (I wonder how much did these Arab countries donate to their Arab neighbors, or in crisis like in Darfur, or the hunger breakout in Niger?) In the newspaper yesterday there was an article on the front page saying that Egypt has created an aerial bridge to transport food and medical aid to the USA??!!! (Do you believe that Egypt who is getting an annual Aid from the USA is sending food and medicines?) Also today in the Radio the big question was will the US accept the donations offered by Iran and Cuba??! Yesterday on the Radio a Russian government official was complaining that the American government are not being cooperative and they are delaying the Russian aids to arrive on time, no one from the American side is telling the Russians on which airport should they use to deliver the food and medical supplies?

I don't know?!! When you hear all that you realize that all governments are full of crap. That bureaucracy is every where, and it is huge obstacle that we have to find a way to over take. Who could ever imagine that the United States of America will be receiving aid from a country like Afghanistan?! Does that make any sense to you? I can not digest it. Sri Lanka has donated Twenty Five Thousand Dollars to the USA???!! I think the amount is trivial but .... I don't even know what to say?!

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