06 August 2009

Cairo as you never saw it beofre...

Some Egyptians in Cairo filling a bucket with water from the public faucet, in the backgroud there is a fish store, and wealthy boy passing by.

Suez Canal while digging it.

Soliman Pasha Square in 1908

Soliman Pasha Square in 1929

Shoubra Street

Roxy Square

Roxy while the White one level tram is passing by

You want to take a train go to Ramses Square: Misr Station (Mahatet Masr)

An Egyptian policeman "Shaweesh"

Orouba Street, Heliopolis

Opera Square

Opera Square

Picture of a Mouled a long time ago

Kasr El Nile Street

Kasr El Nile Bridge

Hilton Golf Club

Some locals somking the "Goza" enjoying the Egyptian tobacco "Ma3assel", Egyptians always know how to enjoy life even in 1870.

A street salesman selling fish

Beaulac area

Bab El Hadid Square, with Mhatet Masr Train Station, You can see the "Nahdet Masr" statue that was replaced by Ramses Statue.

During the British occupation of Egypt a platoon of Australian soldiers one of them playing with a Kangaroo, their camp was close to Mena House.

A spice trader "Attar"

Abou El Ela Bridge

Abdel Aziz Street in Ataba Square

Basilica Church, close to Korba in Heliopolis a copy of Istanbul's Hagia Sofia.

Tourist sitting on the Pyramid and at the bottom of the picture you can see the Mena House hotel

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Excellent work ,please provide more historic photos & sovounirs about old
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