17 August 2013

This is our War against Terrorism

My friends from all over the world areasking me: what is happening in Egypt? How is your family and friends?  We are all fine so far, Egypt is fighting itsWar against Terrorism just as other Countries have suffered from it and had todeal with it. We need to use ALL possible means including VIOLENT ones.

When the US Police decided to clear the Sit-In of "Occupy Wall Street" they were very aggressive. Yes I agree they did not use fire arms, but that is simply because protestors weren't carrying machine guns, let alone Rocket Propelled Grenades and Molotov cocktail bottles. The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) protestors are heavily armed and dangerous. What do you expect the Egyptian police to do? Give the MB a hug!!!
 I’m saddened by the amount of violenceand hatred the MB are instigating in my country, but I’m not surprised. The MBis a  group whose founding motto reads,in part: “Jihad is our way, dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope”, theMB founder Hassan al-Banna frequently extolled the virtues of armed jihad andcollaborated with the Nazis during World War II.

I never thought I will call the EgyptianArmy and Police to use excessive force to stop fellow Egyptians. Never in mylife that I’ve thought that I will call for brutality, but when you talk to theMBs you discover they are brain washed moron and you realize that they won'thesitate for a second to kill you thinking that their goal and theirdesperation to rule is more important than your own life and the lives of thepeople that you love.   I don't want my country to be another Afghanistan,Pakistan, Syria or Libya but unfortunately it seems that Obama, his government andsome EU countries are trying to push us this way. The only hope that theEgyptians have is to call for their Army to protect them from the terrorists.

Think about it: After decades of waiting,sneakiness, and surviving countless setbacks and government crackdowns, the MB finallyseized the presidency of Egypt. And then, after just one year, power wassuddenly wrenched away from them by the Egyptian people.  The MB dream of transforming Egypt into atotalitarian Islamic state is gone with the wind.  Don’t forget that the MB are the ideologicalsource of both al-Qaeda and Hamas, and now they are in no mood to negotiate orcompromise and to make things worse the MB have their own armed battalions. Inshort, the MB has been steeped in violence and bloodshed from its very inception.What we are seeing now in Egypt is the predictable culmination of 85 years ofviolent, revolutionary MB ideology.

The MB finally dropped its “moderate”mask once and for all and adopt the full-on jihad route. When I see armed MBsgathered in protests turning our beloved country into a war zone, I will begthe army to get rid of them with any means. I know it's not human but if thearmy drops their weapons and shake their hand calling for peace the MB will shaketheir hand then shoot the army in the back. They have done it before severaltimes in history and in modern days. Therefore being brutal and heartless isthe only solution against the MB terrorism.

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Rajeev said...

What's even sadder is the number of Muslim Brotherhood attacks on Christians. They've so badly overwhelmed the police and army that it looks to the world like Egypt doesn't even care. In many cases they are infiltrated with Islamists and are complicit. But the truth is that they often cannot respond because the police stations are also uunder attack.

I'm sorry that my president is supporting all of this. He is crazy. Only McCain is worse on foreign policy. But I am with you guys and I still plan to visit Egypt in November.