27 July 1999

Egyptian personality....

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> hi i want to ask you why are Egyptian men spoiled and possessive ?a man goes to >work he comes home he either open the television or reads a newspaper ,he does not > speak with his wife he is too tired , if her friend phones her he wants her to, > > finish the call quickly why ? ma ent you are not speaking with her ...
> if she reads a book or open the internet he does not like it also why?
> he wants her to sit beside him doing nothing , bardo why ?
> i want to know the answer please ....
> mona

This is not fair you are making a generalization over here :) Come on not
all men are jerks like that :)

I know allot of married couples (Egyptian men and women) that share a very
happy and simple married life. Also whenever one of them needs time on his
own with his friends, they do it. They don't go out with their friends as
much as they used to do before marriage (everyday) hehehehe but they at
least join us on Thursday or Friday nights.

Another friend of mine, works 6 days a week while his wife works as a
part-time for 3 days a week. So during the summer she goes for 4 days to the
North Coast with their child while he stays here in Cairo. She does not have
to sit next to him to hold his hand. If he goes home before her while they
are working he cooks dinner for her. They are very opened minded people and
they are a very happy couple.

To be honest with U when U are looking to amount of time allot of women
spend on telephone calls, it is amazing!!!! I don't say that men do not
love chatting on the phone too :) but the amount of time women spend on the
phone is pretty remarkable. With one exception :) the brother of one of my
very best friends has the ability to talk to at least 180 minutes on the
phone the guy is incredible :)

There is a scene that pisses me off!!! Unfortunately I saw it several times.
A guy is driving his car, with his wife and kids. He parks his car in front
of his favorite coffee Shop. Leaves them in the car, and sits on the coffee
shop to smoke 7hagarein Ma3assel????!!! This is too much??!!! I guess that
is unacceptable!!!!

Ooops I have to go work work work


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