11 August 1999

VISA TO FRANCE...summer vacation,harreem lohadohem

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> Subject: VISA TO FRANCE...summer vacation,harreem lohadohem
> keshary moazafeen on the gate yelled whats this HAREEM
> LOWAHDOHOM in a separate line , no students
> they were only keeping us in line
> till the embassy opens at 9 oclock ....
> i couldnt stand more i phoned the MOUZAF OF OUR HOSPITAL , to come and
> take my place in the line
> when will be MOUZAFEEN , DECENT , POLITE is manners such a difficult

U have to Thank God that U have the Mouazaf of the Hospital to stand in the
embassy line for U.

If U go to the Dutch Embassy in Cairo hoping to get a Visa easily, forget
it. They have a line since 5:00 Am or something crazy like that :) They only
receive 20 Passports a day :) so U can go at 7:00 wait till 9:00 and they
tell U come back tomorrow. A friend of mine who works for a Dutch company
got an invitation sent by Fax directly from Holland to the Embassy.
Theoretically this guy has no problem getting the visa is a piece of Cake :)
ha ha !!!!! No way!!! He spent 4 days just trying to get into the embassy
itself. LOL!!! Once he was there he got his visa in the same day!

Did U ever go to the German Embassy?! People waiting for Visas there act
like animals. When the outer Gate Opens the Mob acts like the Tatar, it is
the Mongolian invasion. If U are strong, fast, U can Push and Kick U are
going to make it, even if U got there 2 minutes before they open the gate.
Someone else who has been standing there since dawn but can't fight will
have to come back the next day. They have a cool Egyptian security guard who
wears Cool shades and a cowboy Hat :) but does not do a thing!!!!

If U see the queue for the American Embassy in July and August U might

When I used to be a student I used to go and get my own Visa, it is HELL.
After that IL Hamdulilah Rabin Taab 3alia :) I worked for Magless El Wozara
a nice letter with the Famous Nisr Stamp and Doors open in a second. Now in
our company we have a department called the Government Relations department
getting Visas for employees is part of their job :) Lucky hehehehehe!!!

Going to Embassies in Egypt to get a Visa for another country, if U don't
know a connection in the embassy itself, or U have someone to stand in line
and finish the procedures for U, it is a very Humiliating Process!!!!! The
only thing I can think of and say is that it is obvious that these countries
are not interested to receive Egyptians so they are trying to make them
change their minds :) What do U think??!!

Mona U are lucky U get to stand in Al Hareem Line too, How many were they
definitely less then the men right? I don't understand the concept of the
Female/Male lines in our country??!! Why???!!! If a guy wants to do anything
in any governmental Org he should take a female with him just to let her
stand in the lines, they will be done in 2 minutes. The other Day I want to
El Shahr Al 3akary in Maadi the Males line just to pay the fees had around
26 people in it, while the females line had only 3 women in it. It took
around 5 minutes for one person to pay. So with a simple calculation I
figured out that I will have to wait for 145 minutes. I wished I had brought
a female with me :) I even wished to be a female for 5 minutes just to get
over this Pain!!!! U know what I did??!! It was so hot, stinky, noisy and
smelly, that I left without paying and without even finishing the papers :)

I am coming Back to Egypt Tomorrow Morning Inshallah do U need anything from
Oman :)


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Anonymous said...

The women's line isn't always shorter. When I got my national id card the women's line was 3 times as long as the men's.