01 May 2007

Miss Egypt 2007

Miss Egypt 2007 was crowned just a few days ago, the beauty pageant took place on Monday, 23 April, at the Media Production City in Cairo. The winner was Ehsan Hatem, an English teacher at the Institute for English Language Sciences. She stands 1.75 m in height and will represent Egypt at the Miss Universe 2007 contest in Mexico.

I don’t think that Ehsan Hatem is extremely beautiful but I guess even though she does not speak Arabic, she looks dumb in picures, she is definitely better than all other candidates. As if there are no beautiful smart women in Egypt?! I wonder where did the Pantene organizers found these contestants?!! Do you remember Fawzya (Miss Egypt 2006)urgh....

I read a comment that was really “faux pas” the guy was saying Fawzya looked like a servant next to Ehsan???!!! Even though this comment is classist, and not politically correct, I tend to understand the writer's point of view. I tried to find other words to express his opinion but I failed.

Another post said “Miss Egypt 2007, Ehsan Hatem is ugly and retarded.” I thought how dare he! How could he say such a thing! This is totally unacceptable then I saw the picture just above. I did not know what to say or how to take Ehsan’s defense….. look at her..... be honest and tell me that Ehsan looks intelligent…

Ehsan Hatem can not speak Arabic, during the competition she answered all the questions posed to her in English. How many are we now? 77 million? We failed to find a beauty Queen that can speak Arabic. The new Miss Egypt cannot address her people in their own language, what a pity.

After I started writing this post bashing Ehsan, I told myselfI’d better take a look at the pictures of the other contestants. What can I say... Thank God Eshan won :(

Reham Assem

Nesma Mohsen

Neveen Hassan

Heba Hesham

Ohhh!!!! Ehsan is a beauty Queen!!!! I am really glad that she won after all hahahahaha :)


Marwa Rakha said...

Too bad that when I was 19 I was wrapped up in a veil that hid me from head to toe:)

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

i am glad myself, seeing the other contestant

and answering your question where smart beautiful women are ?? who also can speak Arabic :)

well they exist ... but have so much to do than be beauty contestant ... i guess being smart make women uninterested in things like that ... maybe

Anonymous said...

maybe i could have been miss egypt 2007 if i continued after being the (most pretty in my school and university..!! that's enough, i'm not interested in wearing bekini or wearing fulish un socialized dresses by some dump modeling systems..! i'm now a house wife. and that's better.

Ali Harb said...

Ehsan Hatem should have been sent to Miss World.