16 April 2007

Dubai $13.6m diamond robbery

I arrived to Dubai on the 14th of April, on the 15th I went to have dinner at a friend’s in a district called Mirdiff. It was a great dinner we had ordered Lebanese food the guy taking the order by mistake multiplied everything by two, so instead of a regular Fattoush salad we had huge portion enough for 8 people. So we ate and ate until we could not stuff ourselves any more the irony there was no room for the leftovers in the fridge so my friend had to throw some stuff to make room for the freshly arrived food. It was funny cause when you start of inspecting the contents of your refrigerator you find odd expired stuff.

At 10:30 PM when I got back to the hotel I found a colleague by the door who told me you won’t believe what just happened. He said I was having dinner in the Indian restaurant and next to me there was a local guy with his friends; HE was telling them that on his wedding night he got photographed with his uniform so I presumed he is policeman. A few minutes later he received a phone he got up he told his friends listen an armed robbery is taking place in Wafi Mall I got to run.
I told myself oh he is exaggerating again :)

A few hours later it was all over the news: Six armored, masked men wearing all black, in two Audi A8 cars smashed through doors of Wafi Mall’s, drove the cars till they arrived to Graff jewelry store, used large hammers to shatter the glass cases holding jewelry on display at the shop, grabbed around $13.6 million USD of diamond jewelry (Dh50 million) jumped back into their cars and went out the other entrance.
Dahi Khalfan, head of Dubai police, said the whole raid took just one minute and 45 seconds from start to finish.

Some people say that police arrived after 3 minutes, the rumor also says that the cars were found a bit later in the middle of the desert set on fire.

It was also revealed that there were three Graff jewelry shop staff present at the time of the heist said the masked robbers did not say a word as they carted away up to 40 pieces of some of the most expensive diamonds in the world on display at the store. The police said that none of the staff were injured but rumors say that a security guy was shot. In the attached video you can hear a shot.

Experts believe that selling such exquisite and renowned solitaires will be a difficult task, “All branded diamonds like Graff are certified diamonds and they also have laser inscriptions in the girdle of every piece. But besides these trademarks Graff diamonds are exquisite solitaries and colored diamonds, therefore, they can be easily distinguished, making it hard to sell them”.

This is a real Hollywood Style Crime newspapers but its not the first time in Dubai. Two simultaneous heists took place last year on March 10 two “Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons” Jewelery and Diamond stores in both BurJuman and Wafi Malls were subjected to smash-and-grab armed robbery. The gang took away 165 expensive watches in addition to diamond jewelry worth more than $6.3 million USD from the two shops and ran away on motorcycles. They were never caught!!!

Wafi City door smashed by the Black & White Audis

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