09 June 2007

Israel Store???!!!

This store is supposed to be in El Game3 Square in Heliopolis, Cairo??!!!!
Did you ever get to see it or heard of it?


Shahir Boshra said...

Yes, I actually saw it, and it's indeed in elgame3 square, and i bought a leatherpunch piercing tool from there.
I assume Israel is the family name of the current or previous owner.

Tamer said...

Yes sir, I did. It's always been there. The old style of writing the name and the font used suggest it dates back to the fifties. I am not a Heliopolis-born. My wife is. When we went shopping for some stuff over there I saw it and commented but it seems everybody there is comfortable with it. "After all it the name of one of God's messengers," she said. I can't deny that I got irritated for a few seconds when i first saw the name with all the history and the political meaning of the name; yet given the previous statement I thought, well - it's allright. I hear the guy is also a muslim but I am not sure.