22 June 2007

That's what I call "A room with a VIEW"

Two weeks ago I stayed in the famous El Salamlek Palace Hotel in Alexandria the hotel was originally built by H.M. Khedive Abbas Helmi II as a hunting lodge for his beloved for his Hangro-Austrian Mistress, Countess May-Torok von Szendro. The Greek architect Dimitri Faricious Pasha actually designed the palace and undertook its construction in 1892.

Later, during the reign of H.M. King Fouad I, son of H.M. Khedive Abbas Helmi II, El-Salamlek served as a guesthouse. And later, under the reign of King Farouk I, El-Salamlek became a summer office and guesthouse for the king's most valued guests.

I took nine years to restore the palace and turn into an Hotel. I have to admit that El Salamlek has been beautifully restored and still contain a lot of original artifacts and paintings. The rooms are decorated with lots of gold paint and antiques.

I took these 2 pictures of El Salamlek from the sea

It is great to wake up every morning with fabulous view. This is what I really call a “Room with a View” :)

My bedroom not bad Henh????

To be honest even though this hotel looks nice and all I am not a big fan. I am more into modern hotels that are practical and comfortable. The bed Oh the Bed, the bed was cracking with every move of my body. When I was lying there just thinking of moving before I even move the bed would sense my thought and would start cracking.. Imagine if you were there with your Lovey Dovy for a nice romantic night?! The Neighbors will definitely shoot you :) Thinking of it again cause the building is so old the walls are pretty thick?!

Again I have to admit that the service was excellent that I felt like Royalty. In my room I had the best complimentary fresh fruit basket that I have seen and believe I have stayed in allot of 5 star hotels :) To conclude I guess if the room is for more than 100$ it is not worth it.

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