10 February 2008

Latest interview in Egypt

A foreign reporter moves on and approaches a random guy trying to cover other aspects of the Egyptian mentality:

Reporter: Hello
Egyptian: Welcum to egybt

Reporter: Thank you. may I interview you?
Egyptian: Ofcors

Reporter: What's your name?
Egyptian: Essam

Reporter: Ok Mr. Essam, .what do you do?..sorry..I mean do you
Essam: Yas..i have koshk

Reporter: Koshk?..what is a koshk?
Essam: small subarmarkot..u undurstand?..I sell cigarettes..boxes and fart

Reporter: Don’t you think smoking is bad for people?
Essam: I dont hit beoble on zer hand and make zem smoke..az we say here in Egybt..(ur brain in ur head..u know where u finish)

Reporter: I don’t get it...but lets move on ....How do u feel about terrorism?
Essam: Terrorism is good..we love terrorisms in egybt..they bring dollars to za cantry..and zey all light Egybt..az we say here in egybt...nawwart -masr

Reporter: I am shocked to hear that
Essam: NO NO..dont shock..we are like zis..and our fazarz waz like zis..we love terrorisms and make zem feel at home...becoz zey bring a lot of money to za cantry and guvurment

Reporter: Are you claiming that Terrorists support the Egyptian government financially?
Essam: Sbeak again bleez

Reporter: I mean, are you saying that terrorists are paying money to the Egyptian government?
Essam: Ofcorse zey bay...zey one of za most imbortant bay to za
cantry..terrorists,and Sewiss canal and za high sadd in Aswan

Reporter: Oh my God..that is very disturbing...do you have any idea where do they reside in Egypt?
Essam: Sbeak again

Reporter: where terrorists stay in Egypt
Essam: Zey love Sharm El Sheikh..also Khan el Khalili to buy sofoneer and drink shisha

Reporter: Oh yes..I can totally relate..we heard about bombings there a couple of years ago...Why do u think the police doesn't capture those terrorists?
Essam: Bolice here in egybt..very good..zey borotect terrorists very well..dont warry..dont zey brotect u?

Reporter: Why do I need protection?
Essam: Because u r terrorist

Reporter: Absolutely not
Essam: u look like zem

Reporter: Do I?
Essam: yas..wite skin..no clozes and no sbeak arabic

Essam: Sank u very much..

Reporter: I'm sorry.. I’ll have to end this now before it leads to more wrong information
Essam: sbeak again

Reporter: I have to go now
Essam: No boroborem..u light Egybt..

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