24 February 2008


What the hell is Rock & Ball? Which made it worse is that in the Arabic menu they wrote Ball as it is which means only one thing “PISS”. When you are a genius… Do you want to have some piss anyone?!

Mr. Abdo Hanafeya??!!! Abdo the Tap or Abdo the Faucet?!! The prince of upper Egypt.

The name of the restaurant is the Khedive on the other hand the picture is of King Farouk? Result Zero in History

Spelling mistake occur even in Arabic?! What about using a spell check?!

They wanted to say “Diamond” they blew it in both languages in English and in Arabic

I respect the wisdom of our truck drivers

Getting a sun tan in the middle of the road :)

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Oh God! This guy has been suffering for 50 years, but he still has hope, he deserves respect

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A Fire Exit Door!!! In case of fire you will burn to death, start your prayers

This jerk has painted his license plate to hide both the 5 and the 0. OK now I see why we need new license plates but would that solve the problem?!

Beautiful Alexandria! The sign says Pedestrians are not allowed to use the Pedestrian Bridge?!!!! Why the Hell not?

Environmental Public Transportation

You can easily park in Cairo, but you need a miracle to get out of your parking spot.

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Naw Naw as Miao Miao :)

I don’t understand why we insist in writing the Sings in English when no one can spell and one can even read them?!

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Since when we are so westernized and we’re using family names: Miss Abdel Rahman?
“3and el matab adrab klakss” At the speed bump blow the car horn?!

This is a hospital???? This can be a morgue nothing more…

We can not even spell in Arabic?!!!

“The Nonbelievers Well”

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When you don’t know how to write your name in an another language ask someone to help you?! UOSEF!!!! Jo I am sorry to say you are dumb!

This sign was in the last Cairo Book Fair, I honestly don’t know how to comment?!

The sing says “El Malek El Saleh School: Clean, Beautiful, Modern, Productive” and I am going to faint?!!

And we are wondering why there are Train accidents in Egypt? I guess we are just unlucky?!!!

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