29 September 2010

Gender Segregation in Israel

A Mea She’arim street with a dividing wall to separate between men and women

Women marching in Haredi (Ultra-Orthodox Jewish) neighborhood in protest of discrimination against women and men segregation in the streets of the neighbourhood.

An Israeli human rights activist woman argues with an Ultra Orthodox Jewish man during a protest against women and men segregation in the streets of the Mea Shearim neighbourhood, September 29, 2010 (Photo by Gili Yaari)

A cartoon regarding Sex segregation on public buses in Israel.
"women are to sit in the back and men in the front in order to avoid physical contact"
Israel’s Haredi (Ultra-Orthodox Jewish) community is posting ‘modesty guards’ and enforcing segregation on buses, obliging men and women to sit separately on more than 70 bus routes making 2,500 journeys a day?!

Israeli women oppose bus segregation: Demonstrators gather near the Israeli Supreme Court to protest gender-based segregation on buses.

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Anonymous said...

I am not hijab advocate, hovewer, while Western society blames Islam for a veil it well forgets about Judaism where Orthodox Hebrewess is obliged to shave off her hairs, wear a wig and be veiled after a marriage.