28 September 2010

Strangest Kit Kat Flavours 80 varieties

I always thought that a Kit Kat is a Kit Kat?! Didn't know that there is a huge variety of flavours around the world and mainly in Japan, Oh wow!!!

Can you believe that there are more than 80 flavours created to date (and more varieties hitting store shelves every year)?!

The taste combinations of KitKat in Japan is really bizarre, imagine grilled corn flavour? Veggie flavour? Watermelon and Salt flavour? Soda drink flavour? etc....

Do you know what is the most popular Kit Kat flavour in Japan right now. Go on, take a wild guess.

Did you guess original? Cookies & Chocolate? Green tea? Believe it or not, the top-selling variety of Kit Kat in Japan is Soy Sauce flavour???!!! Can you believe that? Can you even think that a Soy Suace Kit Kat flavour even exist LOL!!!

Here is a list of the varieties of Kit Kat flavours existing around the world the majority in Japan:

"Apple", "Apple Vinegar", "Azuki", "Banana", "Beet", "Blueberry", "Bubblegum", "Café Latte with Hokkaidō Milk", "Caramac", "Cantaloupe", "Cappuccino", "Caramel", "Caramel and Salt", "Caramel Macchiato", "Carb Alternatives", "Chocolate Overload",
"Cola and Lemon squash", "Cookies & Chocolate", "Cookies PLUS", "Creamier Chocolate", "Cucumber", "Dark Chocolate", "Daigakuimo"(Sweet Potato flavour), "Fine Dark", "Framboise", "Ginger Ale", "Green Grape Muscat", "Gold" (Petits with fudge-like covering and dusted cocoa powder on outside), "Hascapp", "Houjicha" (Roasted Tea flavour), "Iced Tea", "International Recipe", "Itoen Juu-jitsu Yasai" (Veggie flavour), "Jyagaimo" (Potato flavour), "Kobe Pudding", "Kinako" (Soybean flavour), "Kiwifruit", "Kokuto" (Black Sugar Flavour), "Lemon Chocolate", "Lemon Vinegar", "Mango", "Matcha"(Green tea flavour. Made with green chocolate), "Milky White", "Mint", "Mint Chocolate", "Mixed Juice", "Noisette" (Hazelnut flavoured), "Orange", "Pepper", "Pickled Plum", "Pineapple", "Pumpkin", "Ramune" (Soda drink flavour), "Rose", "Sakura" (Cherry Blossom Flavour), "Soy Sauce", "Strawberry", "Strawberry Cheesecake", "Triple Berry", "Wa Guri" (Chestnut flavour), "Wasabi",
"Watermelon and Salt", "White", "White Creme", "White Chocolate", "Yakimorokoshi" (Grilled Corn flavour), "Zunda" (Mashed edamame beans flavour), and finally the one that we all know it the "Original" but it turned out that it has different taste and texture in different countries?!!

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