18 August 1999

FRIENDSHIP,men and trust.......

When I was in School we used to go to Scouts, Khadra or Karitas Camps and we
used to play games with questions like that :) or which is the strongest
Friendship a Woman/Woman, or Man/Man, or Man/Woman?! The answer that most
Men and Women agreed upon was that the Man/Man friendship is the strongest.

I am not telling U that this is my opinion but this was the Majority of the
answers, the number of females was equal to the number of Males in the camp
so don't get any ideas :) I believe that in a Man/Man friendship as a guy I
can tell my friend everything, we can discuss anything even private life
details. A Woman/Man I get a different point of view, if I like a girl I
never tell it to the guys I tell it to the girls and they tell me what to do
:) The comment that really shocked me regarding the Woman/Woman friendship
was that it gets ruined by jealousy??!!!!! is that True?!!!

I watched a Movie a long time ago called "When Harry met Sally" I liked it
to the extent that I bought it. Did U watch that film??! It is good, but I
changed for me the concept of the Male/Female friendship :) It says that if
a male and a female are friends that means that there is an attraction
between them. If they remain friends it means that there is something
preventing this relation shape from taking another shape. This attraction
might be from just one side not necessary from both. If the Obstacle is
removed then this friendship between the male or a female will take another
form: Love, BF/GF, sexual anything...

I don't think that a man will be a friend with a woman that he does not find
attractive :) I don't know if that goes Vice Versa or not :)

A woman can be attractive mentally, personality etc... It does not have to be
physically. With time both the Male and Female friend feel a change in the
their relationship, cause their feelings change. Sometimes Love grows this
way :)

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