13 August 1999

I am wondering

Whenever I go into a discussion regarding weddings ceremonies with any
single females or even married, and I say my own personal opinion that I
believe that a wedding ceremony is a superficial manner for expressing joy,
is an unquestionable waste of money, an effort to please others, a tool to
show off in the society, and in our days a extravagant show of wealth. After
I finish this sentence (if I ever get the chance to finish it) I get
screamed, yelled at and I get accused that I am unromantic unsensitive
Person. The reason is that a wedding night is supposed to be the most
important night in ones life. How I don't know??

For me I see some things differently. The weddings lately in Egypt or at
least all the ones that I've been into are in the 5 stars hotels in Cairo or
Alexandria, are nothing but a big dinner, a nice entertainment program, and
dancing with the bride and groom until they are breathless. Where is the Fun
I don't see it??? The guests Wait for the singer Hisham Abbas, or Amr Diab,
or even Hakeem, etc... Oh if there is a Belly Dancer U usually see the males
pulling their chairs so they can sit in the first row :) Hey guys tonight
Dina is Coming :) Hai Hey!!!! Whatever and However the effort placed for
organizing the Buffet people do comment on the food, if it is a seated
dinner they all prefer Buffet, if it is a buffet they say what is this is
very crowded and others are acting as if they never saw food before. If
there is no other singers or dancers after dinner people will start to leave
:) El Deif El Magnoon Yakol we Yekoum :)

One of the scenes I really hate in any open Buffet in Egypt not only in
weddings but in general people fill their plates with humongous quantities
of food that they can not possibly finish, more than 60% of the food is
thrown in the garbage, isn't that a Waste???!!!

What I am planing to do myself if I ever get married :) is to go on a long
fancy honeymoon. This is the way to celebrate to please my wife and myself
not to please the others. One day I was chatting with a very good friend of
mine recently married and he told me I bet U!!! I said what???!! He said I
bet you 5000 EGP that when U get married U will throw a wedding party, the
same as everyone else. I said no way, I really believe in that idea and I
really don't intend to be the center of attention of 200 or 300 person for a
whole night.

When I talk with my male friends about weddings they say Yes we are
convinced. But in reality 80% of them got married and they all had weddings.
Some of them even throw a big party then they don't have enough money for a
Honeymoon so they go to Sharm El Sheikh, or Hurgadah. why not save the money
and go to the Bahamas, the Far East, or any where in the world.

I met 2 Americans in Cairo exactly a year a go, a male and female, he is a
young lawyer, and she is a programmer they are just friends. They both
always dreamt to travel around the world. So they each worked until they
saved 10,000USD resigned got an around the World ticket from American
Express, got their backpacks, and took off. They told me tons of stories it
sounded fun :) How much a wedding in Egypt cost :) a ticket for a tour
around half of the world why not :)

Amazing just after I arrived home and before I send this message I watched
an Opera W. program and it was about weddings in the USA. One of them was
the most expensive wedding this year it costs 7 Millions US Dollars. They
guy obviously a Millionaire said that during his life he was poor more than
he was rich, he never became rich until he started a Phone company, I don't
remember where. He flew all the guest in his fleet of Private Jets!! He then
bought a Ranch Especially for the Reception of the wedding. The Wedding
itself, the minister and everything was in his house then her drove the
people with Limos to the Ranch that is 60 miles away.

Another wedding in England the Bride was wearing the most Expensive Dress
ever 6 million Dollar, WOW, the dress was broaded with Diamonds all over.
she was guarded with 20 officers from the local Police Force all night.
Where is the Fun???!!!!!!
I am on the plane and writing an Email offline I will send it when I reach Cairo inshallah :)

Last Thursday just before the Shella anniversary I took the same plane and it was packed allot of Workers coming from Al Ain. It was noisy and uncomfortable. It was crowded, lots of luggage with all the passengers without exception, People were smoking even in the no smoking section I was suffering. For me the seat is not comfortable, but when there is guy sitting next to U asking for a can of beer every 2
minutes, burping as if he's in is bathroom at home, when he takes off his
shoe and it smells like a stinky dead Dog, it becomes unbearable. This time
I went to airport in Muscat checked in in Economy Class then I decided to
follow the famous Egyptian proverb that Says "Heen Ershak Walla Teheen
Nafsak" and I went back to the counter asking for an upgrade to Business
Class :) After I paid the 100 USD I started to regret it :) I started
thinking, what if the plane is empty this time, is it worth it?? Then I had
to accept my impulsive attitude and go to the plane. I stepped in sat on my
seat in the Business and the hostess came and asked me to move to the
front?!! I told her what do U mean? she smiled and said do U mind sitting in
First class :) I said what?? R U kidding off course I don't mind :) I flew
all the way to Cairo first Class :) Oh it was my first time :) I would love
to do it again :) It is a different world over there :) Heheehehehe!!! U
should try it at least once :) U know what maybe not :) Now I would hate to
go back and sit in Economy, knowing what I can get in First :)


Writing from the Plane Going from Muscat to Cairo


~ It is easier to get older than it is to get wiser
~ I started out with nothing....I still have most of it.
~ Love is blind but marriage is an eye-opener.
~ It is Ok for shit to happen. Shit will decompose
.~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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Anonymous said...

I suppose any reasonable woman inside her mind would prefer to stay alone with her beloved, just married, in a beautiful place that short time while no yet routine duties and responsibilities, while all feelings are so bright, and passion and tenderness are coupled. Why don't women let do it??

To realise that wish woman (and a man!) should have some internal freedom from public opinion. I see that being of a part of some comminity people shall follow established traditions and customs and rare ones can allow themselves do not stick the rules. Pressure of society...

Another reason as you told is to impress people around, to stress that they(wedding holders) belong to a certain social circle, not worse or even better than their neighbours etc.

Just imagine that sometimes (or maybe always!!!) married couple will tell stories that they could afford so luxurious (in sense of money, not taste) wedding dress which none else could do and it was in the news (!). It is the fun for such kind of people:((. So cheap...

I have never heard that in my country any newly-weds went to a honeymoon instead of the wedding party. No free will, especially in arranged marriages. Most people hardly know what is the homeymoon. They waste hard-earned money (mostly in labour migration) for ruinous weddings where have no resources for housing. Debts, debts, debts...

Human nature... The more I live the less I understand.

No need to tell what I feel while have a flight with our migrants coming back home since your picture is close. Smells are definetely similar:(((.

I should stop otherwise my comment will look like a lecture:))

By the way, accusation of being not romantic sounds funny. Honeymoon is inseparably bound with romanticism.