09 January 2007

Muqtada among hooded men who hanged Saddam?

Is it really Muqtada Al-Sadr?

Keeping in mind that Saddam killed Muqtada's father, I still believe that this is far fetched???!!!

If this is true?! Then Bush has been had (again)

US media and columnists reported that the men who hanged Saddam Hussein were portly. Some were chubby, fat.

News has emerged from Iraq that one of those men wearing a balaclava was Muqtada Sadr, leader of the Mehdi Army.

Sadr, who the US once wanted dead or alive.

Sadr, the man behind all the death squads.

In any case, the death of Saddam is backfiring faster than the US government can control it.

Saddam Hussein, according to the Iraqis inside the country, is now being called the Imam of the muqawama - resistance.

The rumor - as yet unconfirmed - explains the reason why those who hanged Saddam Hussein on December 30th were chanting "Moqtada! Moqtada!" it was not just because they were members of his Mahdi Army, but because they were cheering one of the hangmen - Sadr himself??!!!!

You can check Iraqi Rabita

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