12 January 2007

Prophet Mohamed Cartoonist Burns to Death

Today I received an SMS in Arabic stating “Breaking News: The Danish cartoonist, who drew the Prophet Mohamed offensive cartoons died, he was burned up in a fire. Spread the word as his country is trying to hide the news.”

The questions that automatically came to my mind: which one? Which Cartoonist?
How did all start? Kåre Bluitgen, was working on a childeren’s book called “The Koran and the life of the Prophet Mohamed “ he was trying to find an illustrator to work with him and was unable to find one.Three artists declined Bluitgen's proposal before an artist agreed to assist anonymously. On 30 September 2005, the daily newspaper Jyllands-Posten invited around forty different artists to give their interpretation of Mohamed, twelve caricaturists chose to respond with a drawing each.

So now that we know that they are 12 cartoonists which one of these burned to death: Franz Füchsel, Peder Bundgaard, Poul Erik Poulsen, Claus Seidel, Kurt Westergaard, Rasmus Sand Høyer, Jens-Julius, Erik Abild Sørensen, Arne Sørensen, Annette Carlsen, Bob Katzenelson, or Lars Refn??!!!

Why would someone wake up, invents an incident that never occurred, punch on the keyboard of his/her cell phone, and write such an SMS?! Then decides to send it to a bunch of people that he/she knows very well (the numbers are saved on the phone memory) asks all his friends to makes sure to send this stupid rumor that he/she just invented to everyone?! My only explanation this person works for a Mobile Operator company!! This person if Egyptian works for either Vodafone or Mobinil and wants to increase his profit sharing :) There is no other explanation for such an idiotic act! mmm…. Maybe the person is sick?!!! OK OK there are 2 reasons, can you think of another reason?

The Danes already apologized, so please give me a break and shut up for ever.

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Madeen.Jibreel said...


Apology of Danish people ain't enough. Or let me say, ain't the right one. Those who did such a terrible act should apologize, not only to Muslims in the first place, but to the Seal of the Messengers of God, Muhammed s.a.w.s. himself. And perhaps even that ain't gonna be enough.

Allahu Ekber!