03 January 2007

TUMMY TROUBLE (Male Belly Dancers)

In August 2000 L'Express the French Newspaper published an article about Mousbah Baalbaki, the article was titled the “ Le nombril de Mousbah” (Mousbah’s bellybutton). In that article they stated that he is the only male belly dancer in the Arab world. It seems that this is not the case any more??!!!!

There has always been a tradition of men cross-dressing to emulate women and dance with a feminine flair. They are called Cengi (Syria), Kojak (Turkey), Batcha (Persia), Khaneeth (Arabia), and Khawal (Egypt). Male Belly dancers say that historically as the Middle East has always been a segregated society, at certain times and places in history, it has been seen as improper for women to dance in the presence of men. Female impersonators traditionally have taken their place. But in reality male belly dancing have been performed by eunuchs, dressed effeminately, in Turkish harems. To cut it short male belly dancers were castrated men dancing for women.

Tito Seif Egypt's male Oriental/belly Dancer

Tito dancing on a tabla drum

Tito at the Nile Festival Opening Gala (Stick Dance)

He's starting to shake... He's starting to shimmy... You got to admit, the dude has got the moves. But he also does martial arts stick dancing, which is very, very manly. *cough*

Tarik Sultan

Tarik Sultan answers why a guy is doing this dance?

Tarik dancing with Shisha on his head

Tarik in Cairo July 2005

The gay type:
Zaza Hassan

The Female impersonators:
1- Mark Balahadia:

2- IMO

Sameh El Dessouki - Dance School

It seems that most of Belly Dance instructors are males isn’t that strange?

Not all male dancers in the belly dance world, however, are female impersonators. Some men may develop provocative stage personalities, perform isolated body movements, and demonstrate physical feats of abdominal strength, agility, and flexibility. Sometimes they employ swords, and sticks. *cough* *cough*

Body difference will impact how males and females dance. The different structure of the hips means that certain moves will look different. Women's hips are better built than men's for side to side movement, while men's hips are better for forward & back movement. The downward vertical hip comes out different on a male body. The male’s narrower hip structure makes dance moves more subtle. Some males will enhance their hips with various costume such as hip tassels or trailing veil ends in an effort to make hip work more visible. Males obviously also don't have bosoms, therefore there dance will always suck in my opinion sorry guys. Did I say guys?

Women tend to be taught to be fluid, flexible and graceful. Men do not tend to have the size (yes, voluptuousness can be an asset!) in their hips. They also don’t have breasts (well, not the hot ones anyway!). Male bellydancer therefore tends to have more musculs and may have chest hair, yuck!!!!

This is a real “Belly Dancer” Asmahan the best there is today a woman a real WOMAN

Here is another good females Belly Dancer Lulu Sabongi

Of course we can not talk about Belly Dancing without mentioning the controversial Dina

Celebrates Life, Birth and Creativity!
Celebrates Women!
Celebrates Beauty!
Celebrates the Body!

So please please please tell the men to stay away!!!!

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