11 July 2005

Compulsory Military Service

I heard a strange story a couple of days ago. As I was smoking a cigarette, outside the building there was a bunch of guys standing close by and I could clearly hear their discussion. They were talking about things people do in order to avoid the compulsory military service.

Gaining weight is the easiest way to do it, one of the guys was saying that one of his friends had a plan to gain 25Kg which will definitely assure him a military exemption. On the day of the medical checkup as soon as he stepped on the scale he realized that he is 4 Kg short from his exemption ticket. He went out of the medical checkup room. The guy drank 24 bottles of cola knowing that each is a quarter of a kilo, he went back in stepped on the scale and bam he got his exemption.

This was a funny story but what I heard next was not so funny but rather sick and horrifying. A guy actually placed the palm of his hand on the train rails in order to avoid 3 years of military service. What??! Could a normal human being amputate himself in order to escape the service? What a price? What a way of thinking. I started asking myself is this story for real? I can’t believe it.

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