11 July 2005

Omar 05/07/2005

Today was a very sad day for me. I lost one of my best friends. Omar who has been fighting Leukemia for more than 2 years has passed away.Yesterday at his final stage he was suffering tremendously and went in a coma for sometime. I think after all the agony and the pain he has been through, in the hospitals in theUK, Germany, and here in Egypt, he has finally rested.

I have seen him suffer in the hospital in London for months, I spent nights with him in the hospital where he was hitting the wall out of pain. I have seen torture that I pray to God that none of us would have to endure, I am sure that he now is relieved.

A friend called me this morning at 9:00 AM to tell me Omar passed away 5 minutes ago. I left the office and I ran to the hospital. I went to the room and I saw him lying on a table covered with a white sheet butbut his face was uncovered. It seemed that he was smiling. I think this picture will remain in my mind for ever, I will never be able to forget it for the rest of my life.

The burial today and seeing the tomb opened, it is just a whole in the ground!! This is where we end up?! Placing his body rapped with a white cloth under the ground then covering it with dust, made me realize how life can be so short. But what hurts me the most is that the tears were there in my eyes but they never came out. I wanted to cry but I could not. I don't know why?! I feel my eyes watery I am on the edge of crying but no tears!!! I WANT TO CRY!!!!!!I hope that he will rest in peace. God please be merciful on him.


Anonymous said...

It is amazing blog full of humanity. Sure I need more time to go through all your posts but from the first ones I was captivated by your sense of humor, by short and sharp comments that made me laugh.
Then I read posts that made me sad and cry. When I lost my mother I was not able to cry for 3 months. Strange. Just remember I was staying among the crowd of weeping women and watching like frozen with dry empty eyes how men were leaving the house with my mother's body. No feelings. Five years ago...
It is easier to share the memories knowing I am a total stranger to you...
Allah gave you sensibility and skills to express your thoughts (sorry, you are "not publishing" them )) in so pleasant way. Keep doing it.
No need to put my comment for public, just wanted to thank you.

BentlyJokes said...

Anonymous whoever you are :) Your words touched me beyond imagination and I sincerely want to Thank You!

Sometimes I doubt that people actually read what I write and I do so just because I enjoy expressing myself and I believe blogging is the best medium to do so. So I guess I should keep writing knowing that there are people out there that actually might read what I write and appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Dear Bently Jokes,

Hope that only good events in your life prevented you from keeping blogging. So long time has passed. Another year is coming and I wish you love, happines and delight in your life and hope we will have a chance to enjoy your expressing again and again.

Happy New Year!