23 July 2005

I shed a tear for Sharm El Sheikh & Lodon

I am shocked and stunted about what happened in Sharm El Sheikh it was sooo unexpected, allot of people died for no bloody reason. For years we have been struggling to reassure the tourists and inviting them to back to Egypt, that our country is safe. At last the tourism season this year was very prosperous, then Sharm was attacked!!!

When will this violence STOP?!! Why killing innocent people? What is the objective behind all these murders? The world is obviously going insane. When will it end? Where is all this taking us?

I am honestly worried and frightened. For a while I thought I should try to find another job in London and move back to the UK. But now even London is not safe? People are even scarred to live their common life and use public transportation!

Where should we go to feel safe? There were terrorist attacks everywhere Egypt, USA, UK, Saudi Arabia, France …. name it is every where?! Where should we hide? Should we go to the moon???!!!! Will we be safe there?

I pray and hope that we will wake up tomorrow in a better world, living withpeople that use reasoning to solve their issues and problems, Amen!

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