16 December 2006

Best Book I read in 2006

Betrayal in Naples, Neil Griffiths

Interestingly enough, I bought this book from Dubai airport just because I liked the cover, and I was surprised to find that it turned out to be simply superb. This was a real page turner with a gripping plot, a literary thriller, beautifully written, in a simple, elegant, an authentically dark and menacing feel to the city. The characters compelling, ambiguous, not always moral, but always real, and their actions are always rooted in their life-decisions. Actually, it's a deeply moral book if you are willing to look beyond the superficial.

I was desperate to know what happens next, it was impossible to put it down. Jim Wolf goes to Naples he meets Louisa - an ex-lover never quite forgotten - now married to a charismatic Neapolitan judge. The three become close friends, and it's not long before Jim becomes irresistibly tempted by Louisa, and closely involved in a high profile-mafia trial. Jim is soon seduced by his ex and betrays the judge… What is the price? He broke the unspoken codes… But it in my opinion it is the judge Alessandro who is the star! I think “Everyone gets betrayed”!!!

I am curious to read Neil Griffiths new book << Saving Caravaggio>>

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