07 December 2006

Riots in Carrefour

A Japanese company invented a new type of Eco-friendly bra that can be converted into a shopping bag. The “No! Shopping Bag Bra” is designed to promote the reduction of plastic bag consumption.

Can you believe that????!!! When the bra is worn, the “shopping bag” portions are folded away inside the bra cups, where they serves as extra padding. The bra quickly converts to a shopping bag by removing the bag portions from the cups and connecting the hooks on the bra’s underwire. The lace cups serve as decoration along with the shoulder straps, which are disconnected and tied to the top of the bag as ribbons.

I don’t understand where will the conversion happen?! So the lady arrives to the shop she decides to buy groceries she reaches the counter starts to open the buttons of her blouse take off her bra and convert it into a shopping bag??!!! Wow!!! Carrefour watch out?!!! What happened downtown Cairo is nothing compared what will happen if Egyptian women start to use this eco-friendly technique :)

Attention shoppers the bra is available in red, blue, green, yellow and pink . The bra is made from the Teijin Group’s ECOPET brand of polyester fiber, which has been recycled from plastic bottles through the company’s patented EcoCircle recycling system.

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