31 March 2007

Burger King to expand in Egypt

It seems that the prayers of Egypt Burger King fans were answered. After years of shouting "Where is the beef?” Burger King announced that the opening of its first restaurant in Egypt will take place during the second quarter of 2007 at Egypt's City Stars Mall.

A further two openings are due to follow shortly in Sharm El Sheikh, signaling the beginning of a large expansion program that will follow over the next five years. Egyptians are in mourning :(

So have you been dreaming of Burger King's delicious Whopper hamburger? Are your drooling? Did your taste buds throw a party? Yeah, its crazy!!!

This country is crazy I will never forget the day that McDonald's opened in Cairo. I was working at the WTC at the time, around lunch time a colleague suggested that we have a Big Mac. It ended up that around 20 of us ordered 2 or 3 items each.

Around noon we sent the personal driver of one of the employees to get us lunch, he returned at 16:00. It later turned out that there was a huge queue, the people were actually fighting to get in the restaurant and to order. I don’t think the Burger King reaction would be similar but just the thought reminded me of the McDonald's disgrace. I will never forget the face of the driver when I told him I want a Filet-O-Fish with extra tartar sauce! Tartar what???!!

Why would you want to welcome that ghoulish plasticine Burger King in Egypt?

If you are in a near death status and you have to make a choice between 2 crappie options McDonald's or Burger King? Then I would definitely chose Burger King….

My last burger at McDonald's was in Geneva a year ago it was 2 paddies of glistening crap, stuffed between soggy maxi pads, ejaculated upon by every fry cook, then allowed to sit out in the sun…. Urghhhhh it was disgusting…

I've had burgers in Cairo that would be considered as gastro-aesthetic joy if you are a fan go to Lucille’s in Maadi, or go to Roy's Country Kitchen, or if worst comes to shove go to Fuddruckers. I would recommend Burger lovers in Egypt to boycott both McDonald's & Burger King they are nothing but shameful sadistic horrors.

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