28 March 2007

Me, Myself & Shakira

I am very sick :( I have been coughing for more than 4 weeks now :(

I was coughing last week of Feb then it became worse so Saturday 3 March I went to see a doctor in Cairo I was coughing for 5 days or so and it was getting worse, she gave me a silly cough syrup and some cough pills.

Then I traveled to France on 5 March things got worse so on Tuesday 6 March I went to see a Doctor in Paris he gave me 3 medicines a cough syrup, pills with codeine and turbohaler. The next morning I felt itchy in my hand but did not bother much. The following day I had a body rash every where, I am red like a lobster :) I kept coughing so hard that I was getting migraines, and I couldn't breath because I was coughing non stop, I also had a rash and started taking allergy pills.

I could not talk to people or work because I was getting these severe headaches with a pain that splits my head like chainsaw :) sometimes the headaches were on the right side or on the left and sometimes it comes in my forehead then it is lethal cause I can't even see. I was coughing so bad, that when I was staying in Concorde Lafayette Hotel in Paris the people in the room next to mine were knocking on the wall at 3 AM for me to shut up cause they can't sleep at night :( How the hell am I going to hold it?!!! Fuck You I yelled while coughing :)

I went to see a pneumology doctor Saturday 17 March he told me that I have an inflammation due to smoking and maybe viral or bacterial infection. Even though I did not smoke for more than 10 days I was not getting any better. He gave me 2 antibiotics, cough syrup, and cough pills, He told me to keep taking these pills for a whole month.

Sunday morning I woke up had a coffee, and breakfast. I was getting ready to get a shower so I walked back to my bedroom, then suddenly I started coughing really hard. Few minutes later I felt a terrible headache, a blowing pain in my head that felt weird and cold, my elbow was killing me and my back felt as if hit by a shovel?!!! I felt wood and that I am not sleeping comfortable?!!! I then realized that I am sleeping on the floor, my head is on the tiles, and the rest of my body is on the wood floor. It seems that I fainted by my bedroom door and I hit my head on the floor and my back at the edge of the door. I now realized that I have to follow the doctors orders and that it is not a joke :( You know when you cough so hard and continuous to the extent that you can not breath is very scary you feel that you are out of breath and you are struggling to enter some air in your lungs. It is a shitty feeling you feel like drowning, you literally get a near death feeling.

I was supposed to leave on the morning of 19 March to Algeria and Morocco my flight was at 7 AM, but the previous night around 11 something PM I was chatting with colleague from work as I found her online and suddenly I started coughing again and I fainted again, I found myself on the floor next to the chair. I got really worried about traveling, it won't be cool if faint in an airport or in the middle of the street in Algeria, so when I got myself together I called my colleague and asked her to cancel my ticket to Algeria and I told her that I am not going to work the next day.

The following Tuesday I kept coughing again till I fainted, I fell on my face hitting myself in the dining table I cut my eyebrow and ended up with a black eye, I did not realize that I was hurt till I found blood dripping all over my face and I realized that I am lying on the floor.

Don't worry! I did not faint for 4 days now :) and I feel a little bit better :)

I went to see a specialist this last Saturday 25 March he said that I had a cough caused by a virus, he said that the symptoms typically peak after 2-3 days, and then gradually clear. However, the cough may persist for up to 4 weeks after the infection has gone, and this is what happened in my case but I also got a Bronchial hyperreactivity following this viral respiratory infections, he said the respiratory symptoms closely resemble those of asthma, but they are present for only 3 weeks to 3 months following the acute infection phase.

Therefore he gave me Symbicort Turbuhaler, an antihistaminic, and a sort of allergy/asthma pills.

Regarding the fainting he said this is called coughing Syncope or vasovagal reaction which is the temporary loss of consciousness upon coughing and he told me not to worry about it.

I don't believe it Shakira is having a concert in Cairo tonight. The sexy Colombian singer Shakira known as the "barefoot" singer is in Egypt, and this evening she will be dancing at the bottom of the Pyramids?!

Shakira arrived to Cairo yesterday and she will be singing at the Pyramids tonight. At noon today I received 2 free ticket, but I can't go :( I still don't feel 100% fit. To go to such a concert I will have to go at least 2 hours in advance, will be standing for 3 or 4 hours then 2 hours to get out of there with all the dust and smoke, I don't think it is worth it or that it’s even a wise choice to go! OK I pass no Shaky for me :(

How can I miss such a concert especially that the name of the tour is "Oral Fixation" :)

I heard that in Dubai the petite songstress drove the audience wild, flirting with the crowd, changing costumes frequently, and rendering hit numbers like "Whenever Whatever", "Underneath Your Clothes", and "Hips Don't Lie". The only thing I’d miss is the belly-dancing routine which would definitely be the highlight of the evening. Some Dubai friends said that the barefooted diva of dance was extremely hot.

On the other hand the tickets are for 400L.E & 750L.E (standing) and
1000L.E & 2000L.E (sitting)?!!! Why the hell pay all that money to see a woman dancing??? Oh she is who? Shak who? Shakira who cares hehehehehehehehe!!!!!

Oh I forgot to tell you something that might be important, it is my 18th day wihout a Cigarette?!!!

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