02 April 2007


I read an article in "Akhbar AlYoum" newspaper that took me by surprise. The article tried to be funny stating that the prices of Drugs in Egypt rose so high that now drugs are more expensive than 21K Gold. Following the same line the article started to state all the prices of Drugs in Egypt based on a report published by the Ministry of Interior Affairs.

So for all Drug junkies of the world if you want to know the current prices of Drugs in Egypt here you go.

Based on the articles it stated that Coke prices soared high and reached 500 EGP per gram, followed by Heroin 180EGP/gram, on the other hand the price of an Ecstasy pill reached 120 EGP, while the gram of Hash reached 100 EGP. Knowing that 21K Gold is 106.7 per gram according to today’s published price. The newspaper article also reveals that the price of Bango (cannabis herb) is the cheapest as it costs 350EGP/Kg.

What is the purpose of that article? When the main Headline of a complete section of "Akhbar AlYoum" is “HASH…21K” there should be a point? What is the rational of the Editor? Is it to communicate to the whole world the prices of Drugs in Egypt? Is it for Global addicts to realize that Egypt is a cheap heaven?

Are we sending a message to the world to say hey if you are paying 85$ for a gram of Heroin in New York come to Cairo you can get it for less than a 30$...

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Anonymous said...

well i am sorry for whoever who wrote that...but dear publisher..these prices are not correct..and i am sure of what i am saying..cuz the hash gram is 25-30 pound these days from one year it was 20 pound only....and for making sure the gram is called (rob3)which means (quarter)here in egypt they have a special measurment wich is (soba3)4 grams which will cost 120 pound only...so you have to review your database...:)
with my regard:)