03 April 2007

Sacred Sexuality in Egypt

Sex has always been the main mental occupation for Egyptian males. It is easier to be noticed by Egyptian who live abroad, as they are actually part of the country and are not treated as strangers by locals. When an Egyptian returns home for a visit he easily realize that his friends, everyone he knows, that people in general only discuss two topics: Sex and Religion.

The average orgasm is only ten seconds long. The average frequency of intercourse is once or twice a week for most couples. That equals about 20 seconds of orgasm per week; one-and-a-half minutes per month, or 18 whole ecstatic minutes each year. (Just so you know, in 50 years, that would be about 15 hours)

Egyptian men devote thousands and thousands of hours to fantasizing about sex, worrying about sex, discussing sex, daydreaming about sex, wishing for sex, planning for sex ... for 15 hours of ecstasy in 50 years of their life?!!!!

Can you explain that riddle?

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