07 April 2007

Have Sex in your car and loose your driving licence

Based on an article published in Al Ahram news paper on 6 April 2007, Colonel Reda Abdallah the ex-assistant of the Minister of Interior Affairs stated that you loose your driving licences in Egypt according to clause 366 of the law number 2777 for the year 2000 according to these conditions:

1- If a vehicle is caught without a license plate, or if the license plates are different than the one issued by the vehicle registration office, or if there is fraud or forgery of the license plate information, the vehicle permit is revoked for a minimum period of 3 months.
2- If a vehicle is caught on the road after the vehicle permit is revoked, the vehicle permit is revoked again from the date of the offence for a period of 90 days
3- If a driver changed his address of domicile to another governorate and did not inform the traffic registration office in a period less than 30 days his/her driving license gets suspended.
4- If a driver is caught under the influence of drug or alcohol the driving license gets suspended for a period of 6 months, if the offence is repeated then the driving license is revoked, and can not be reissued before 1 year.
5- In the case that a second vice/immoral offence has been committed in a vehicle in less than a year even if the vehicle owner allowed an immoral act to be committed in his/her vehicle by someone else, the vehicle owner driving license is revoked for a period of 6 months (clause 72)

In a nut shell in Egypt if you have sex in your car you would loose your driving license. I know I know but your car is parked you are not driving why the hell??? Oh I forgot to mention something else you will also be arrested for a committing an immoral act in public :)

Have fun :)

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