28 August 2005

Egypt's New President?

This is the Voting Card for the first Presidential Elections in Egypt. For the last 7000 years we never had a Presedential Election, Yahoooo!!! We finally made it :)
Who will you Vote for?

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MPH said...

from kira zalan

The most important part of this quasi-election are the long-term consequences. Tarek Atia brilliantly notes that the election logo that has become “a permanent fixture on [national] channels… may change things. Intentional or not, the flag immediately attracts young children. “What is that?” they ask their parents. The typical response would probably be much like what Kamelia Hamed told her son when he asked, that the flag is part of the election campaign, which is a process by which the public chooses their leader from among several candidates.

In that simple exchange, a revolution of sorts has already occurred.