30 August 2005

The Embassy is in the Building

I watched the new Adel Imam movie “Al Sifara Fee Al Imara” (The Embassy is in the Building). Like the recent Imam movies this film shows Adel Imam as the irresistible womanizer. The film is about an Egyptian Petroleum Engineer who lives in Dubai, gets fired because he was caught sleeping with his manager’s wife, returns to Egypt to find that the Israeli Embassy is in the same building where he lives.

The movie will make you smile maybe laugh but the story is a little bit blunt.

What really shocked me is that I read an article by Yomna Kamel who mentioned that in fact there are 14 law suits filed against the Israeli Embassy in Cairo by its neighbors who want the diplomatic office to move out from their 18 storey building.
Neighbors complained about the annoyances they bear from the embassy's heavy security. A man complained that his child was not accepted at a school because the bus couldn’t stop in front of the building to pick up the child (A little bit far fetched, I think??!!).

The building residents complained that their human rights are being violated because relatives and friends can not easy visit because of the security measures, and that they can’t properly use the building's facilities, including the lift (Shit if I live on the 18th floor and can’t use the lift I would die).

A similar article was published by Al Ahram Al Arabi. The Israeli embassy, however, denied receiving any note from the Egyptian court about the lawsuits. Who should we believe??!!! I guess Adel Imam :)

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