31 August 2005

Ultimate Contradictions

Last Saturday I went to Alexandria with a friend of mine, she is a photographer and she wanted to shoot pictures of the typical Alex public beaches. I guess the idea was to catch the Egyptian Holiday makers beach fashion. What people wear going to the beach, even while swimming is remarkable. Allot of women are veiled with full make up.

I found this picture on an Egyptian Blog unfortunately I can not remember which one but they tackled the same issue of how veiled women swim fully dressed in Egypt. The above picture I think is taken in a pool somewhere in Sinai. You can see 2 veiled women and a topless tourist :) Welcome to Egypt the country of “Ultimate Contradictions”.

The Blog mentioned that since they published this picture the number of hits soared.

Actually On Stanley Beach we found 3 Moroccan ladies in bikini, we asked them to pause with the fully dressed male & females for a nice contrast pictures but they were camera shy and turned us down.

Definitely the picture above is much better than what we achieved in Alex :) Chapeau!!!

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HoneyDew said...

I find this picture absolutely hilarious