02 August 2005

House in Cairo bloody Expensive

Price: $8 million
Location: El-Mokattam, Cairo, Egypt

Who said the Pyramids were over the top? Forbes listed the most expensive homes in the world, under Africa the only house that is not located in South Africa was this house in Cairo.

This Cairo palace was built in 1997 and encompasses an impressive 31 bedrooms and 34 bathrooms in nearly 82,000 square feet of space. A mix of architectural styles, the house features a tower, Corinthian-columned portico, and countless balconies and terraces. Inside, there are dramatic staircases, soaring ceilings, a lighted swimming pool near the reception area, a tennis court, a 4500 m2 garden, a large car garage and much more.. The residence has views of—what else? —the Pyramids and the Nile.

For more information visit http://www.egyptpalace.com/

The big question is: Who's house is it? I have no clue!

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